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Operational Programme “Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security”

Project name:

Rehabilitation and Modernization of Systems for Street Lighting of Haskovo Municipality



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Project duration:

18 months

Contract value:

BGN 809,283.44


BGN 687,890.93

National funding:

BGN 121,392.51

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Project objectives:

Minimize energy consumption and increase the efficiency of energy resources used, as well as cooperation between representatives from Bulgaria and Norway, in order to promote the processes of social and economic development and reduce economic and social disparities within the EEA.

The project is elaborated in response to Haskovo Municipality development policy, where the reduction of energy consumption, renovation of municipal infrastructure, improvement of quality of life and sustainable development are set as main priorities. Street lighting is one of the major energy consumers in the municipality, which has influenced the growth of energy consumption in recent years. 171 DSC01300 1To reduce the usage of electricity for street lighting and improve its quality, implementation of measures for modernization of the systems for outdoor artificial lighting in four populated settlements on the territory of Haskovo Municipality – Garvanovo, Vaglarovo, Klokotnitza and Bolyarovo (Haskovo) is proposed. The main results to be achieved with the rehabilitation of the outdoor artificial lighting systems are reduction of energy costs by 81.7%, which equals 533.30 MWh /year, with an environmental annual equivalent of 629.26 tonnes of saved CO2 emissions. The Norwegian partner IDN will propose guidelines for the development and implementation of innovative methods in the field of the energy efficiency (EE). In addition to providing numerous examples and good practices in the EE field, and increasing the capacity of Bulgarian experts, the project activities will contribute to strengthening the communication and cooperation at expert level between the two partners and will inevitably create opportunities for future joint plans and sustainable partnership. In conclusion, the project will contribute to social equality in the region by reducing the contrast and differences between life in the big city and the one in the smaller settlements, and improve the living conditions of 2949 inhabitants in Haskovo Municipality. The project is in full compliance with the current key strategic documents at regional, national and European level, and follows the principles of good governance, sustainable development, gender equality and non-discrimination, and zero tolerance to corruption.