Project Management Activity

This introductory activity aims to provide an appropriate environment for smooth implementation, good management and coordination of project activities, as well as to guarantee the most efficient spending of funds. Good organization and competent management is a prerequisite for a positive result of the project implementation and achievement of the set indicators.

The activity includes the following tasks: - forming a project team and defining individual duties and responsibilities;

  • establishment of principles for internal and external communication, coordination and monitoring of the implementation of activities and spending;
  • regular meetings of the team members to monitor the technical and financial progress of the project, to report on the results achieved and to resolve problems encountered in the implementation process;
  • maintain ongoing communication with the Program Operator in order to ensure project transparency, reporting irregularities and resolving issues requiring the intervention of the funding body.
  • preparation of procurement documents for the selection of contractors for the individual project activities;
  • management and monitoring of subcontractors using common screening techniques such as: regular meetings, site visits and others;
  • preparation of interim and final technical and financial reports, payment requests;
  • project completion and archiving. Throughout the project implementation period Haskovo Municipality will strive to ensure a clear and transparent implementation of the project, as well as to measure the quality of the results achieved and the effect of its impact.

Pursuant to Order No. 584 of 08.04.2021 of the Mayor of Haskovo Municipality a project management team has been formed and the individual duties and responsibilities of each of the experts have been defined. Meetings of the project management team have been organized and held in order to set specific tasks for implementation.

A plan for all outsourcing involving the Project has been prepared and approved by the Programme Operator. 

All procurement activities under the Public Procurement Act have been completed and all contracts with contractors have been signed and entered in the ISUN 2020 system as follows:

- for the independent financial audit of the project: contract No 269/27.08.2021.

for the implementation of information and publicity activities of the project: contract No 260/11.08.2021.

- for the supply of stationery: contract No 197/15.07.2020

  • for the implementation of construction work for the Project: contract No 324 of 13.12.2021;
  • for the implementation of information and publicity measures through the supply of goods included in the list referred to in Article 12(1)(1) of the Public Procurement Act under the Project - concluded contract No. 279/09.09.2021.
  • for the provision of interpretation and translation services for the Project - Contract No 260/04.10.202.

The inaugural press conference and the official ceremony for the start of construction work were held.

Еxecution of the work for the four locations within the scope of the Project started on 31.01.2022 with the opening of the construction sites and work proposed are currently being performed.

Currently, the project management team is implementing the following activities:

- supervision of the implementation of the contracts signed with contractors: construction work, information and publicity, etc.

- on-site visits in connection with the execution of the work at the four locations within the scope of the Project on a regular basis.

- inspection of the construction documentation in connection with the execution of the work, including reports and certificates under Ordinance No. 3 on drawing up reports and certificates during construction, declarations of conformity, etc.

Ongoing archiving of the file containing all documentation related to project management is taking place.