Overall objectives:

Minimize energy consumption and increase the efficiency of the energy resources used, as well as cooperation between representatives from Bulgaria and Norway, in order to promote the processes of social and economic development and reduce economic and social disparities within the EEA.

Specific objectives:

1) Rehabilitation and modernization of outdoor artificial lighting systems in four settlements in the Municipality of Haskovo, including replacement of luminaires, deployment of a system for remote group control and control and monitoring of electricity consumption of street lighting; construction of an installation for production of electricity for own needs from renewable sources;

2) Improving the quality and efficiency of street lighting and reducing operating costs;

3) Reduction of financial costs for payment of consumed electricity;

4) Reduction of electricity consumption and reduction of gas emissions from electricity production;

5) Ensuring safe movement of motor vehicles, increasing the safety of pedestrians at night and creating a comfortable night atmosphere;

5edf0_УНСС-Хасково.jpg6 Achieving social equality and improving the living conditions of the inhabitants of the Municipality of Haskovo;

7) Exchange of good practices and decisions with experts from the Municipality of Haskovo and IDN, as well as establishing long-term cooperation in the field of energy efficiency.

The implementation of measures for modernization of outdoor artificial lighting systems in the Municipality of Haskovo will contribute to improving the safety and quality of life of citizens in the municipality and to reducing economic and social disparities in the EEA. The project is also based on a partnership with IDN, for which a Partnership Agreement was signed, approved by a decision of the Municipal Council, in order to establish long-term bilateral relations aimed at energy sustainable development.